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We, George and Lizzie are a husband and wife who have an independent business. We run a small gift shop in the city of Gloucester. - 14 Gifts. We have created KEEP BRITAIN SAFE as we stand firm in the belief that Political Correctness should never usurp the rights and safety of others. For a long time in the UK, business owners, employees, and the general public have been pushed further and further into making unreasonable adjustments to accommodate so called political correctness.

Covid-19 (the virus) has shown a lot of good in people, but also exposed a lot of bad. One example is, a law being introduced that made wearing of face masks mandatory. This law was made as it is scientifically believed that masks play a part in preventing the virus. Many people are exempt of this law.

If someone is not wearing a face mask, they increase their chance of passing the virus on. It is that simple, so we are led to believe, which is why the law was introduced. The passing on of this potentially lethal virus does not discriminate. If someone does not have a face mask, they can pass on the virus. If someone does not have a face mask and have an exemption, they can pass on the virus. There is no difference, only to the non-wearer.

For the person near the non-wearer, (a retailer, a customer, a doctor, an eye examiner, a bus driver etc) they are exposed to a danger, not only for themselves and their livelihoods, but also for their families (who could be vulnerable), and their livelihoods etc. They should have a right to say NO. We have the right to say we will not put ourselves at risk and so should you.

Keep Britain Safe goes further as an organisation than Covid-19 which is why is why we will continue to campaign on what we consider to be relevant issues after Covid-19. Employees and business owners have been in all kinds of situations and have to tolerate things that they should not be expected to, Covid-19, abusive customers, demanding customers, bad reviews or complaints when people do not get their own way. It is good to be accommodating in situations, but not if that very accommodation causes unnecessary stress, suffering, potential danger or harm to another, or brings about unfair treatment or disadvantage to another. We believe in real equality and justice.

We have seen Covid-19 has highlighted some terrible traits in human nature. Standing up for your rights does not mean you are trampling on anyone else's or being against any category of person.

No is the most underused word in customer service. No, not being used has led to many assumed rights that are not rights at all. Shop owners are often afraid to introduce a no food and drinks policy for fear of upsetting someone so instead, they have to keep an eye on spillages, because a spilt drink can cause an accident, which can then lead to a claim. Like this virus, prevention is better than cure.

In the instance of the spilt drink, the Employer has a legal obligation to ensure their shop is safe and a spilt drink on the floor is unsafe so staff have to keep an eye. The staff have increased work, if they notice a spillage this means putting wet signs out and cleaning, which others manage to knock into regardless. In the instance of a customer, if they do not notice a spillage, as they are looking at shelves, not the floor, they may fall and suffer injury. So what is better - be brave enough and have no drinks in the first place. Customers should also learn to think and have respect, not to take a drink into a shop anyway. No, solves the problem. Prevention is better than cure and a mutual courtesy will make a better environment in not only the retail sector, but leisure industries etc. It is not mean, it is accident prevention.

The mask policy is no different. We have explained to people, "The refusal of entry is because you can still pass on a virus if you have it even with exemption", the answer many times is "I know, but I can't wear a mask". Some have said "ok" smiled and understood, but not all. Many have been angry and seriously expect us to take a risk on our own health and our customers health and to this, we say NO. All our campaigns including this one can be summed up in one word "Respect". Respect for each other and this is what is lacking it would seem in today's world. Political correctness by its very nature seems to be at odds with this word respect.

Some of those angry have done their own "Hate campaign" against us. Negative reviews, phone calls, complaints, shouts of discrimination etc. However, this has been outshouted, by the shower of strength from loyal customers (including disabled people), pleasant reviews, messages, comments, visits from people we haven't seen before to show that support, and the sentence we hear most is STICK TO YOUR GUNS. We know we have friends, who know us and who don't know us who have been fighting our corner and we do appreciate it sincerely.

We certainly will stick to our guns. We are fortunate, we have a strong marriage and bond. We also have a good following and people who know us, know that we appreciate every one of you. Many who know us know we mean what we say.

There are many business owners who are afraid in their business, they fear confrontation, negative publicity, the same hate that we have received, they fear losing customers.

There are many potential customers who hate shopping, they see shops not doing enough, they see customers and other people getting away with all sorts, they see drunken behaviour. Worse, they are afraid of the virus and outdoors was meant to have become a safe environment.

Employees with their hands tied behind their backs, because their bosses are afraid of losing customers, so these employees are in the firing line of that virus when they would rather not be. They want to be safe, and know they are safe as best they can be for their families.

So in closing, join us. Stand with us. We are working to create a better environment for staff, employers, for customers. Most of us fall into that category. It is time to have respect for each other and for ourselves.