Welcome to KEEP BRITAIN SAFE . org . uk

For those of you that want to get involved and help with our cause, your cause, we have detailed below some of the ways in which you can chose to help. You do not need to become a member of our organisation to do so, but obviously you can if you want to.

Here are some of the ways that you can contribute to our mutual cause:

  • Register with us as a volunteer. Complete the online Volunteer Registration form HERE. By completing this form you will be able to list any skills that you may be able and want to offer.
  • We are looking for volunteers who are willing to assist us with campaigns. This could be leaflet distribution, commenting on social media, writing letters and e-mails, keeping an eye on where 14 GIFTS and KEEP BRITAIN SAFE are being mentioned and reporting back.
  • Support 14 GIFTS by purchasing items that you like and leaving reviews on Facebook, Google etc to outweigh the negative reviews that we are receiving due to the hate campaign that is now being waged against us. 
  • Respond to comments on social media about us .
  • Be consistent. Wear your face mask where required, sanitise, be courteous, and practice what we preach!
  • Tell people about KEEP BRITAIN SAFE in order to raise awareness of what we are doing. 
  • Tell us about your experiences and concerns. If you are an employer, what would you like to do in your business that you feel unable to do due to negative publicity or pressure. If you are an employee what do you have to tolerate in your workplace that you feel you should not have to. If you are a customer, what annoys you in regards to when you are out and about in shops. Please note that KEEP BRITAIN SAFE is not a campaign group about any concerns you may have with regard to lunch breaks, pay increases, holiday pay etc. These are matters for your trade union or employment law solicitor. We are a campaign group that exists to further the cause of respect and safety issues. KEEP BRITAIN SAFE exists to campaign and highlight about those situations where the simple avoidable things are tolerated but cause great annoyance, risk and cost. The simplest things can make the biggest differences!
  • Like our 14 GIFTS Facebook page and join our KEEP BRITAIN SAFE Facebook group. You can link from HERE